Technology, eLearning and the Future


Technology has changed the educational landscape globally and has had the biggest impact on learning thus far. Children of this generation are born into a digital age with digital literacy skills being vital for future employability. Technology transcends cultures and socio-economic backgrounds and takes learning beyond the classroom, connecting the world outside.

Technology Providing Hope for Refugees

Technology offers a lifeline for refugees.It not only delivers a means of communication, it delivers relief and a sense of hope for the future. The cell phone has become a vital tool for survival along with food, water and shelter. Cell phones and technology have allowed refugees to stay in touch with family and friends, receive vital information about world affairs and connect with humanitarian and aid agencies helping them with resettlement.

Non-profit organisation Nethope partnered with Microsoft are improving access to technology in camps like Za’atari through installation of wi-fi, improving connectivity for refugees. Google has also offered a $5.3m grant to supply Chromebook mobile devices to aid refugee education. Donations and grants from some of the world’s tech giants such as Microsoft and Google has a huge impact on social change and regaining hope for the future.

With improved access to the internet, piloting programmes are already underway to deliver distance education to refugee children. The Norwegian Refugee Council has also started a programme teaching digital literacy skills to adult refugees preparing them for future employment.

eLearning and Teaching

With improved access to electricity, the internet and computer devices teachers need to be upskilled in the area of digital literacy so they can provide quality teaching to students. One of the ways organisations are looking at integrating technology into education is through beaming satellite lessons using qualified teachers into over crowded schools. Audio teaching through interactive community radio is another way of delivering quality instruction with technology.

Benefits of eLearning for students


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