Empowering through Personal Learning


The children of the Za’atari Refugee Camp face many challenges one of them being the continuation of their learning and education. In Syria, pre- war, the school attendance rate was as high as 90%, so it is clear that the majority of these refugees understand the value and importance of quality education. The school setting is the perfect place for traumatised refugee children to gain back a sense of their old lives, establish regular routines and start the healing process, building valuable skills for their future.

Teachers providing encouragement, support and guidance can motivate students to want to continue their education. Hopes and dreams for the future can be restored in the right educational environment.

The ability to learn in a personalised way keeps students in any classroom interested and engaged, as they are able to control the learning process to suit their needs. Encouraging personal learning enables students to develop skills and confidence. Personal learning takes place across all defined learning spaces- physical spaces like the classroom and community, group settings through peer collaboration, abstract liminal spaces and through connections to the virtual world with technology.

Great developmental benefits for refugees in the personal learning space-