Online Learning and Beyond

Learning about learning spaces in EDFD459 has been extremely interesting. As my first online course I’ve learnt so much more than just the subject area. Here’s a reflection of what I have taken away-



Personal Awakenings


As I make my way through my first online learning experience, what appeared to be a long, lonely journey of personal learning has turned out to be an inspiring, community-assisted endeavour. As the weeks go by and my first formal assignment submission draws closer, the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to glow. It turns out online learning is not just a self-driven race to the finish line but rather a community ‘fun run ‘where  competitors collaborate and assist each other,  under the guidance of the ‘coach’ to achieve whole team success. Issues with aspects of assessment tasks is alleviated through discussion forums and there is always someone available to offer advice. Although, like any  new learning experience there are challenges to overcome, knowing you are part of a co- operative community makes all the difference in building confidence for a successful outcome.

I look forward to further learning.

Online Learning ‘Netiquette’

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.06.25 am

With increasing student participation in online e-learning spaces it is important as educators, we highlight and model appropriate online communication. As a unique and collaborative learning space, the online environment demands it’s own standards of appropriate academic behaviour. These standards are outlined in the book “Netiquette” Shea (1994).