Assignment – Refugees and Future Learning

screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-11-02-54-pmYou may have noticed my recent posts have followed a common theme- that of the plight of the Syrian refugees and in particular those who inhabit the Za’atari Camp in a remote desert area of Northern Jordan.

I have investigated various aspects of life in the camp with a focus on continuing education for the displaced children. Any hopes for the future lie with education.

As part of my assignment for EDFD459 (Learning Spaces) I have developed ideas for a suitable child-friendly learning space which will be relevant for future learning in the Za’atari camp. Future Learning Space for Children in Za’atari


Teachers without Borders


‘Teachers are the largest professionally trained group in the world – the key local catalysts of change and hope. Teachers Without Borders connects teachers to information and each other in order to bring about social change—worldwide’. (TWB)


TWB is an international non-profit organisation launched in 2000 to bridge the gap in education worldwide and connect teachers globally  to bring about social change. TWB membership has reached over 185 countries.

Mission and vision- Connecting teachers with each other to improve the quality of education globally for all students.

TWB provides teachers with ongoing professional development and resources  which is important in maintaining a high standard of education worldwide. Connectivity of teacher development with international development results in positive change. TWB supports a number of initiatives including- girls education, peace education, child-friendly spaces, and education in emergencies.imgres-7

TWB believes that developing teaching and learning helps communities flourish. How can you contribute?

Clouds over Sidra- inspirational

Clouds over Sidra   I just watched this film again- so moving. I love this young girl’s perspective of refugee life and her dreams of returning to her homeland in the near future. Unfortunately, nobody knows when this Syrian war will end and what these refugees will be faced with if or when they are able to return. Articles I have read about the Za’atari Camp suggest it may evolve into a permanent settlement.

Based on this inspirational documentary, I’d like to research further the Syrian refugees in the Za’atari camp. As Sidra held on to her hopes and dreams for the future, I will concentrate on the child-friendly spaces initiative- incorporating the personal learning space (empowerment), the group learning space (community belonging) and eLearning (connecting the outside world and future technology). By keeping these children educated in a safe and community-based environment they have a chance at a brighter future as citizens of the world. These children are the future of post-war Syria.