Aha! Moments in understanding Learning Spaces…

What are learning spaces and where are they? An easy question to answer, or so I thought. After identifying and delving into what each of the 6 learning spaces are, how they differ and what benefits/challenges they offer, I discovered many Aha! moments.



The Classroom Space

Traditional classroom layout catered for whole class learning with the teacher as the focal point. Instruction would be delivered from the front of the classroom and it was assumed all students benefitted from learning as a group. As we know now, we all learn best in different ways, whether it be independently or as part of a community. 21st century classrooms are being redesigned to enhance students learning not only through collaborative and co-operative means but also by promoting independent learning  in these new space designs. Creating  separate learning zones within a classroom has proven to be a more effective and allows students to learn in variety of ways. Traditional classroom furnishing (desk and chair) is being replaced by relaxed lounge areas, group hubs and technology areas as depicted in the following slides…Classroom spaces

Online Learning ‘Netiquette’

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.06.25 am

With increasing student participation in online e-learning spaces it is important as educators, we highlight and model appropriate online communication. As a unique and collaborative learning space, the online environment demands it’s own standards of appropriate academic behaviour. These standards are outlined in the book “Netiquette” Shea (1994).